Applied Biochemists

Applied Biochemists, a Lonza Business, is a leading manufacturer of specialty algaecides and herbicides for surface water. In a balanced ecosystem, aquatic vegetation can be desirable for aesthetics, stabilizing bottom sediments, producing oxygen and providing food and cover for fish, waterfowl and other aquatic life. However, when aquatic plants reach nuisance levels they can adversely affect aquatic life, impede water use, interfere with recreational activities and diminish economic value. Treating with EPA registered algaecides and herbicides can be a great way to improve water used in drinking water reservoirs, irrigation conveyance systems, aquaculture facilities, fish hatcheries, wastewater, golf courses, swimming areas, livestock tanks, farm ponds, lakes and private backyard ponds and other sites where aquatic vegetation interferes with the functional, recreational or aesthetic value of the water resource.

Applied Biochemists' contributions to this discipline have included numerous innovations including: patented new chemistries; application technologies; and technical resources on the subject of plant management. Teaming with Clemson University's Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, we are part of research efforts on the differences in toxicity and efficacy between various algaecide formulations.

Our Products
Chemical control is the most common and versatile management strategy for controlling nuisance aquatic plants. Our algaecides and aquatic herbicides, when applied at label rates, will not disrupt the ecological balance and often can be used to restore ecological balance. These products will degrade or become deactivated in a relatively short period after controlling target plants and will not build-up in the fish food chain.

Applied Biochemists' comprehensive line of products offers a variety of options for a particular situation. Chemical selection depends on target plant, water use, the size of the water body, desired formulation and registrations. Contact your local authorities/state pesticide agency for restrictions on buying and applying product, as not all products are registered for use in every area.

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