In, 2000 Aquafix started with the goal of developing great bio-technologies to the people whom manage wastewater treatment plants. We want to help them maintain a better biomass and clear effluent by eliminating the need of harsh chemicals. Many of our products were developed with a wastewater operator to focus directly on their needs. This allowed us to create products that solved the source of the problem and not just suppress it temporarily like most wastetwater bacterial additives.

At Aquafix, our first and most important role is that of a research lab. At our state-of-the-art biological laboratory, we dedicate our resources to studying the whole spectrum of wastewater issues. The knowledge we gain from our research is used to develop natural and sustainable biotechnologies.

The Aquafix laboratory is also used to directly analyze waster, mixed liquor, algae, filaments and foaming samples from wastewater operators. Aquafix offers two levels of testing as well as ATP testing, which is a Biological Stress Index test that determines what portion of your bacteria is alive. Our testing will determine exact filaments or algae life form that occur in your wastewater facility, how they got there, and how to treat them. Among this we also perform a 16 point water analysis including ammonia, alkalinity, and phosphate levels.