Carbaryl / Sevin

Carbaryl / Sevin Insecticides provide broad-spectrum control of more than 130 turf and ornamental pests.

Sevin and Carbaryl have been trusted for more than 35 years by golf course superintendents, arborists, lawn care operators, nursery professionals, and parks and recreation directors to provide effective, curative and preventative insect control.

Carbaryl, the active ingredient in Sevin, is in the carbamate class of chemistry. Carbamates inhibit cholinesterase, which affects the central nervous system of insects. Sevin works by contact and ingestion. Contact activity provides quick knockdown, while ingestive activity ensures complete pest control. Sevin also provides residual activity up to 14 days. Plus, Sevin is compatible with a broad range of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and adjuvants to allow for efficient and timely pest management.

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