Endothall is one of the most versatile and effective aquatic herbicides ever developed.  It’s an excellent Aquatic Habitat Management tool that can provide season long control of a broad spectrum of submerged weeds often found in small lakes and ponds.  Endothall is not toxic to fish or other aquatic organisms, and has a relatively short half-life in the water.  

Endothall provides control of aquatic weeds in a relatively short time, generally 3-4 weeks, and can provide long-term control depending on the application timing and the target species.

Industrial Vegetation Management Knowledge Base 

Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants 
Endothall Chemical Fact Sheet

Note: Products may not be registered for use in your state or locale. Check to be sure a specific use pattern is approved in your area before use. Check product labeling or your local state agency for more information. Most current product labels are available by visiting the product manufacturers website or at https://www.cdms.net

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