Right-of-Way Herbicides

The treatments given in this section are not for use in crop land unless otherwise indicated under a given crop section. Note: Most of the chemicals listed perform better when wetting agents are added at 0.25% of the total volume. Use nonionic substances such as Brandt herbicide Activator, Induce, Cide Kick II, or other suitable wetting agents.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the well known product Roundup, is now available under a wide range of product names with varying amounts of active ingredient per gallon. When using one of these products, consult the label closely for proper mixing and use instructions.

Avoid spraying in close proximity to desirable plants or streams. Do not allow products to contaminate water used for consumption or irrigation.

Dicamba and picloram are very soil mobile and active. They can move down slopes for considerable distances. Do not apply imazapyr where roots of desirable plants extend into the spray zone.

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