Turf & Ornamental

Fungicides are chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores. Fungi can cause serious damage in agriculture, resulting in critical losses of yield, quality and profit.

Fungicides can either be contact, translaminar or systemic. Contact fungicides are not taken up into the plant tissue, & only protect the plant where the spray is deposited; translaminar fungicides redistribute the fungicide from the upper, sprayed leaf surface to the lower, unsprayed surface; systemic fungicides are taken up & redistributed through the xylem vessels to the upper parts of the plant. New leaf growth is protected for a short period.

Fungicides Control:
Black Spot or Scab in Apple, Root Rot in Avacado, Bud Rot in Nutfall and Coconut, Root Rot in Citrus and Cucurbits, Downey Mildew in Cucurbits, Grape, Lettuce and Onion, Anthracnose in Mango, Root and Heart Rot in Pineapple, Late Blight in Potato, Root and Collar Rot in Stonefruit, Leather Rot and Phytophthora diseases in Strawberry, Late Blight in Tomato, Downey Mildew, Phytophthora & Pythium in ornamentals & bedding plants, Phytophthora in Conifers, Pythium in turf, and Phytophora and Pythium diseases associated with Stem and Canker Blight (Sudden Oak Death) and General Beech Decline.

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